Why I hate “Feminists”

I hate feminists.Modern day feminists include bored housewives ,wanna be socialites, con groups calling themselves NGOs and female political science students who have absolutely no prospect of getting a job.

Oxford dictionary defines feminism as :-

Then advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Gooks here perceive feminism as :-

A hobby or activity to be pursued or invested in because
a) I have a lot of free time
b) I am a sadist
c) My husband is on tour working or probably screwing some whore
d) I am a lesbian
e) I am ugly.there is no way a guy would ever show interest in me so , lets take the frustration out.
f) I am a guy and I am a virgin.And I am a born loser.So, nobody notices me.So, if I support these bitches and their pointless causes then may be one of them will sleep with me out of courtesy.

Feminists believe that if a guy doesn’t relate to the way a woman sees or perceives things and if he has a difference of opinion or opposes a woman’s political , social or personal opinion then he is anti-feminist, sexist ,danger to society and should be punished with celibacy for the rest of his life.
(Although, believing that a woman actually has a political opinion is like believing Santa is real and that there is actually a place called heaven where good guys go after death and half naked girls (apsaraas ) entertain them there.)

The idea of feminism is a little less pathetic but as ridiculous as the frequent boys better or girls survey frequently spamming my facebook , twitter page and regularly dominating social discussions.I mean how can one possibly answer that question.All my friends are boys ,I hang out with them,get all my porn from them but then girls have boobs. And if, by God’s will I ever get to have sex,I would prefer it to be with a girl.So see, both boys and girls are important.

Feminism was supposed to be about protection of rights of women.Instead it has become some man bashing movement viewing men as potential molestors worthy of catration ,keeping them at arm’s length just because they have balls hanging between their legs.

Feminism as an ideology is as pointless as communism.Communists wanted to get rid of social and economic inequality.They did succeed to an extent by ripping the rich of their wealth.So,everybody was poor.Hence, class divide was bridged.Feminism is trying to find the answer to gender inequality on similar lines only here the poterntial victims(males) constitute half of world’s population.

While it is no secret that women all over the world are victims of bias and there is hardly any woman who hasn’t been raped ,molested or eve teased feminism i believe is not the answer to it.Feminism has so far only succeded in gender segregration dividing,separating and analysing issues and crime against women or not. Any crime against a woman is crime against the entire humanity and should be viewed as such.
The people who call themselves the crusadors of justice for women have rich Dads,shop from Prada and have never been subjetecd to sexual humiliation ,inequalit or injustice.They are desperate to impress upon an opinion which by all means essentially is crap.

Point being , feminism is a menace.Create awareness among men to fight this social evil.And if you are a feminist then you might be loved by women but will lead a life of public ridicule and eternal damnation.


4 thoughts on “Why I hate “Feminists”

  1. I agree to the fact that feminism has turned into more of male bashing and has lost its core ideology somewhere between the transition form 2nd wave to 3rd wave feminism. Mostly because of the fact that people know less of an ideology(be it any) and are more inclined towards inclining themselves towards one to identify themselves among a group or section of people.

    But, then I shall point a few things here and before that also clarify that I am a feminist(and not male basher).(Yes, I am a man, 25 years of age, with a job, with no intentions to grab attention and to add, I dont have a rich dad.)
    You have passed a judgement about an ideology in a very strong way which I guess comes out of how you see feminism being talked about around you. But an ideology is not how you understand it or how people around you talk about it. Rather, one needs to understand the transition of it from a movement to an ideology. When you say, feminism is menace . You are almost ridiculing most of the movement in the early 19th century . All of it in Australia and UK.
    Yes feminism, as people talk about it now, is wrong .
    Postmodernism brought in the change in mindset and inadequate knowledge added to it for people to talk of “Separatist feminism” as Feminism, while somewhere the Liberal and Radical Feminism lost its name and value.

    “Separatist Feminism” is what advocates male bashing. You might be unaware of it, but then All other forms of Feminism (which advocates equality) voice against Separatists and have on various instances put them as sexist and on the same scale as Chauvinists .

    I hope I did some good to myself with that long a post. I wouldnt want you to look at me as a born loser who is a feminist to woo girls but then again I can only share, and opinions are hard to change.

    • Nilanshu,
      through this article i was not trying to disparage the concept of feminism as inscribed in some books long forgotten by human civilization rather what ppl have interpreted of it turning it into a vulgar display of misguided anger on the male fraternity,which is entirely pointess and wont attain anything

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