PK : a review


I went to watch PK midst all the hoopla surrounding it.This is what i feel about the movie. PK is not a great film. It’s far from it .And in an effort to question certain beliefs it accidentally reinforces them. At least some of them. Like Hindus are largely superstitious. And Muslims are largely violent and resort to aggression and acts of terrorism.
PK is loud and enforcing in its conveyance of message which ironically gets lost in the second half. PK is uncannily similar to the Indian cricket team. It has a promising start but drags toward the end and has Anushka Sharma in it. But PK is a great leap forward from the kind of low-brow, pedestrian movies that we have been subjected to in the recent years. PK raises questions .Where in lies the problem.PK questions the hypocrisy of faith, the ludicrousness of customs and the blind faith we have in them. And in the process draws the ire of various Hindu fundamentalist groups .Which is Okay in a way. What’s not okay is so many of us are in agreement with them

Because religion in no more about finding God. Religion is about identity and ego. Religion is about exercising superiority. Amidst these, reason and logic are conveniently ignored.
PK comes at a very crucial time. At a time when we are dodging between compassion and jingoism, when the lines between love and love jihad have been blurred, homecoming and ghar vapsi are being equated and when community and communal-ism can barely be differentiated. We are angry and afraid, Confused and aggravated, Patriotic and zealots, ignited and torn apart.
Call a Muslim and tell him not allowing women inside mosques is gross segregation and denigration and be ready to bear his brunt. Tell a Christian that the Pope had no right to go to Africa, a continent with the highest AIDS prevalence rate and tell them not to use condoms as it goes against the doctrines of Christianity and all hell breaks loose. Tell a Hindu that a woman’s virginity is not reflective of her character and prepare you to be ostracized. We are taught to be apologetic always more so to other religions than ours lest be labeled a fanatic.
We are afraid to ask questions as it might offend someone’s religious sentiments. The very sentiments that prevented a girl band from realizing their dreams (Read Pragash) because Allah doesn’t like girls performing in public, The very sentiments which drove a painter out of this country (Read M F Hussain) because to paint deities on canvas is the sole proprietary of the people of the same religion, The very sentiments due to which a lady lost her life because abortion is not honorable per Christianity

Questioning the status Quo is a basic human trait, a requirement for evolution. Religion works by denying you that basic human tenet.
Do not question. Do not critique .Obey and follow.

You create rules and regulations.You create an establishment based on trepidation, intimidation and fear.There is reward for compliance .There is no room for free thought.Carrot and stick rule.Sex is controlled through morality .Sex is tagged and measured.Circumcisions and purity rings.This is how slaves are conditioned.This is how religion is propagated.

All religions are flawed, contrived by flawed men like us and we have been following their rules, their idea of morality their definition of right and wrong. What I was born with doesn’t define me .My religion is not a reflection of my personality. So why should I be so proud of it.

The only morality that matters is compassion.The only culture worth imbibing is restraint.If our religion failed to teach us that, it doesn’t really matter whatever else it has to offer.

PK is not a very brave movie. It doesn’t ask these difficult questions. It’s appeasing even in its condemnation. And yet it is being panned down by various Hindu groups.

PK should be criticized .But because it’s not a very good film and not because it raises questions we are not very comfortable with.


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